New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost the end of 2020, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief for the New Year to come. As we sit down, like every past December, to write our New Year’s Resolutions, we are reminded that this year has been anything but normal. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that each moment counts and shouldn’t be wasted. At Island Wealth, it is our commitment to help you find the best path to live your life with purpose. How can you make sure you make the most of 2021? Start drafting your resolutions using Ben Nemtin’s philosophy. Ben held a webinar with us a few weeks back. If you didn’t have the chance to see his talk live or if you would just like to rewatch it, you can watch the recorded video here: https://islandwealth.com/impossible-to-possible/.

Just like Ben, we need to realize that in order to reach impossible dreams, we must first stop putting limits on what we want to accomplish. Want to become fluent in another language or participate in the Aloha Run? Go for it! Do you just want to learn how to cook a couple of new recipes or take up a daily morning walk around your neighborhood to gain some Vitamin D? Whether the goal is big or small, make sure it is something you are passionate about.

Ben’s Five Steps to Achieving the Impossible

1. Where to start? Start simply by just writing down your wishes. Write down anything and everything you want to achieve in the upcoming year.

2. Share your dreams with others! The people who surround you and care about you want to help. The best way they can help you to achieve those dreams is by first knowing what they are.

3. No matter what hurdles may lie in front of you, persist. Each chance you take at achieving your goal will bring you one step closer, even if it doesn’t bring you to the finish line right away. You’re not starting from scratch when you try again. You’re starting with the knowledge and experience from your previous attempts.

4. “Shoot for the moon because the worst that can happen is you land among the stars.” Don’t sell yourself short by limiting yourself to what you think is realistic based on your current skills. Think swimming the Moloka’i channel is too far-fetched because you’ve only ever swum in a pool? Don’t put the brakes on that goal. Allow yourself to dream. Besides, setting a goal that many others might consider unrealistic makes for less competition!

5. Lastly, make sure to give back. Giving to others and paying it forward not only shows the appreciation you have for the help you received along your journey, but it also compels others to help spread that generosity. Similar to the ripple effect, when you perform one small act of kindness, the people you affect, in turn, spread kindness to others. This reciprocity can help you and your community achieve more than you possibly could have imagined.

This trying year was a lesson in resilience. With the new year upon us, what will you do with this gift and how will you share it with your community?

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