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Medicare Made Easy

October 6, 12:00 PM HST
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If you are approaching age 65, you will have some choices regarding your health insurance and Medicare eligibility. Or, if you are still working and are past the age of 65, you may be wondering how to start planning for your medical insurance needs. With all the rules and options surrounding Medicare, you may be wondering how to get started and what are the best choices for you.

During this presentation, we will cover:
• What is Medicare?
• How much does it cost?
• What kind of supplemental plans do I need?
• What are late enrollment penalties and how to avoid them?
• What are the deadlines to enroll?

Taryn Kumamoto is a leading expert for over thirteen years in this industry helping clients choose the right Medicare plan for them. In this Medicare Made Easy presentation, Taryn, will walk you through the Medicare maze in a clear and easy to follow presentation.

Taryn Kumamoto and Premier Benefit Consultants are not affiliated with LPL Financial or Island Wealth Management.